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CATF supports Brad Crabtree’s nomination to crucial carbon management position at Department of Energy

September 2, 2021 Work Area: Carbon Capture

Clean Air Task Force supports the nomination by President Joe Biden of Brad Crabtree to Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy and Carbon Management at the Department of Energy. Mr. Crabtree has been a tireless advocate for carbon management in the fossil energy sector, with a keen understanding that it is a critical piece of the decarbonization puzzle. His decades of experience working at a leading policy NGO to advance climate solutions in fossil energy communities and regions will be enormously valuable to this administration as it navigates the low-carbon transition, as he brings an important depth of understanding on both the technology and impacted stakeholders to the position.

We’ve worked with Mr. Crabtree as a close collaborator in advancing the development of carbon capture technology, often well in advance of acceptance or interest by the fossil energy industry. His approach to this work has developed an important level of trust in him by NGOs, labor unions, and industry. It would be hard to imagine a more qualified and widely respected person for this role.

We look forward to continuing to work with Mr. Crabtree and the Administration on the development and deployment of the technologies that we need to rapidly decarbonize the energy system and meet U.S. climate obligations.

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