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Madrid Call for Fast Action on Super Pollutants

December 11, 2019 Work Area: Methane

The evidence of a warming planet is all around us: wildfires, increased storm intensity, bleached coral reefs, rising seas, and a frightening drive towards critical climate tipping points. While much of the discussion of global warming typically focuses on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, super pollutants like black carbon and methane also warrant our close attention. Reducing super pollutants is the fastest way to slow down the pace of climate change we are experiencing today. Fortunately, actions to reduce these pollutants are well known, feasible, and often very low cost. And taking action on super pollutants can save more than two million lives each year, improve air quality, and boost crop production where it is most needed.  

That’s why Clean Air Task Force and more than 28 other organizations from around the world are calling on governments to take immediate, vigorous action to reduce super pollutant emissions by creating super pollutant action plans and including them as part of their new Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement, submitted by the time of COP26 in 2020. 

The Call for Fast Action is currently open and will remain open for additional signatories until COP26 in November, 2020. Learn more and join the call.

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