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CATF Statement on Carbon Capture and Storage Advocacy

February 23, 2018 Work Area: Carbon Capture

The Clean Air Task Force is pleased to be participating in the next level of joint advocacy on carbon capture and storage development and deployment in the US. As studies from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have indicated, CCS is an essential tool for limiting global warming. While the technology itself has been around for many decades, its use as a tool to combat climate change is relatively new. We have seen how advocacy has successfully helped push technologies like wind and photovoltaics into a stage of commercial competitiveness and use at a meaningful scale. We must do the same for other zero carbon options like CCS. Now that Congress has adopted meaningful incentives for CCS, it’s appropriate to take this advocacy to the next level and support both additional helpful policies and efforts to get steel in the ground.

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