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Why work at CATF?

At CATF, we build momentum for climate solutions based on scientific evidence, intellectual integrity, and pragmatism. We know that climate change is too complex a challenge and the stakes are too high for us to limit the tools at our disposal.

Join some of the brightest talent in the world to explore, envision, and advance practical solutions to the climate challenge.

What makes CATF different?

We challenge conventional wisdoms and explore every opportunity that offers promise, and we’ve done so for more than 25 years.

CATF’s powerful team of scientists, engineers, business leaders, policy experts, lawyers, and communication experts are spread around the globe. We’re nimble, strategic, and remote-first with a perpetual start-up mindset that allows us to stay ahead, disrupt, and lead.


At CATF, driving change forward is not just what we do, it’s who we are. We are committed to taking bold action in a way that champions diversity, equity, and inclusion. Achieving our mission requires creating teams with a diverse range of experiences, backgrounds, and expertise. At the highest level, our goal is to ensure that all voices at CATF are given the opportunity to contribute to the development of our organization and the growth of our impact. We strive to create a curious, collaborative, and inclusive environment that is not only supported by equitable processes and policies but also showcases the talents and expertise of our global community.


These benefits are for our U.S.-based team. Employees that work in other countries have benefit plans and paid holidays specific to their country.

Health Care and Insurance Policies

CATF provides a robust health insurance package including medical, dental, and vision coverages for eligible employees.

  • Medical: CATF offers three medical plan options to staff. CATF covers 80% of the monthly premiums for employees and their families and contributes to employee Health Savings Accounts (HSA) for eligible employees.
  • Dental: There is one national plan available to all employees. The plan includes orthodontic coverage for children and adults. CATF covers 100% of the monthly premiums for employees and their families.
  • Vision: There is one national plan available to all employees.

Flex Savings Accounts (FSAs) for healthcare and dependent care needs are available.

CATF provides short-term disability, long-term disability, and life insurance policies to full-time employees.

Paid Family and Medical Leave

To ensure equitable paid leave opportunities for our remote team, CATF provides 12 weeks of paid family leave to birth and non-birth parents for the birth or adoption of a child and 10 weeks of paid medical leave for employees for their own medical needs or to act as a primary caregiver due to a close family member’s need.


Eligible employees can enroll in CATF’s 401(k) program. CATF matches up to 5% of the contributions and provides access to a financial advisory firm that is available to assist employees with questions and future retirement plans.

Time Off

CATF provides 13 paid holidays, 12 sick days, and 25 vacation days per calendar year for all full-time employees.