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Rebecca Tremain
CATF Experte

Rebecca Tremain

Director, Government Affairs, UK


Rebecca Tremain is Clean Air Task Force’s Director of UK Government Affairs, where she focuses on CATF policy impact in the UK. 

Prior to CATF, Rebecca spent eight years working for the UK Government, with her focus primarily on international climate policy. She worked on the UK’s COP26 Presidency strategy, where she helped to deliver COP26 campaigns on energy, nature, zero-emissions vehicles, and innovation. She also worked as part of the UK delegation to the UNFCCC, where she negotiated the Paris Agreement rules on mitigation and transparency. Prior to this, Rebecca worked on the high-level strategy for the UK Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy when it was formed in 2016.

Rebecca hat einen Master-Abschluss in internationalen Beziehungen und Diplomatie der EU vom Europakolleg und einen Bachelor-Abschluss in Geografie von der Universität Bristol.