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Continued operation of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant provides California with firm, zero-carbon electricity

March 29, 2024

Today, Clean Air Task Force Executive Director, Armond Cohen, provided the following statement on Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s (PG&E) cost recovery application to the California Public Utilities Commission for Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant operations: 

“Clean Air Task Force continues to support the extension of operations at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, the largest source of firm, zero-carbon electricity in the state. Its premature retirement would result in tens of millions of tons of global warming emissions and require the utilization of more expensive and polluting power. 

The best analysis available from the state and independent parties showed that Diablo’s continued operation is necessary to maintain grid reliability and is an important component of the lowest cost and fastest path to a zero emissions grid, along with accelerated renewable energy deployment. 

CATF has not reviewed the details of today’s filing, and we look forward to it receiving appropriate financial scrutiny. But there can be no doubt that the decision to extend the plant’s life was sound.”

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