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Codie Rossi
CATF Esperto

Codie Rossi

Senior Policy Associate, Carbon Capture


Codie Rossi joined Clean Air Task Force in October 2022 and is a Senior Policy Associate for the Carbon Capture program. His work focuses on supporting the development and promotion of effective policies to drive the deployment of carbon capture, removal, and storage technologies across Europe.  Prior to joining CATF, Codie worked in the Brussels NGO sector, the Irish Government’s Economic Evaluation Service, and most recently the Climate Vulnerable Forum. Codie is passionate about technological solutions to the climate crisis and has been involved in carbon removal advocacy for some time. In this capacity, he has worked on policy development and advocacy for CDR in countries across Europe as part of the Open Air Collective, a volunteer-led network of advocates and experts around the world. 

Codie ha conseguito un Master of Public Policy (MPP) presso l'University College di Dublino, dove si è concentrato sulla politica climatica dell'UE, e una laurea in Storia e Scienze politiche presso il Trinity College di Dublino.