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October 16, 2024

Leveraging the Potential of Central and Eastern Europe

Event Details:

October 16, 2024
10:00 – 11:30 CET


Informazioni sull'evento

As the opening to our event series, CEETalks: Building resilient climate solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, this webinar will discuss the progress of Central and Eastern Europe’s energy transition to date, addressing unique challenges, and exploring the multiple pathways forward. By emphasizing the region’s internal diversity and each country’s unique challenges and strengths, we will discuss how enhanced cooperation can further support a fair and balanced energy transition. Experts will share insights on the role that CEE can and should play in Europe’s energy transition by leveraging the region’s collective potential to foster sustainable growth and energy resilience. 

Whether you are a policymaker, industry leader, NGO/think tank actor, or academic, this webinar series offers comprehensive insights into the economic and energy transitions in Central and Eastern Europe, providing valuable knowledge and actionable recommendations. 

Speaker information coming soon.

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