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June 19, 2024

Poland’s Hydrogen Gambit: Charting the Path for a Strategic Refresh


Event Details:

19 June 2024
11:00 – 12:30 CEST


Event Contact:

Mary Louks

Directeur des événements et de l'engagement

[email protected]

À propos de l'événement

Poland faces significant challenges in transitioning to a decarbonised energy system and clean hydrogen has the potential to play a key role for decarbonising several hard-to-abate sectors. To realise its potential and kickstart the development of a national clean hydrogen market, clearer and more ambitious policies frameworks are needed.

This webinar will present and discuss the background on the existing policy landscape and provide recommendations that the national government could implement to create a conducive clean hydrogen market. We will feature best practices and lessons that can be learned from across Europe and internationally. 

Join us to learn more about recent developments in the Polish hydrogen ecosystem, key building blocks for informing a strengthened update to the Polish hydrogen strategy, and get connected with key voices in the space. 


Tamara Lagurashvili 
Director, Central and Eastern Europe, Clean Air Task Force

Szymon Byliński
Director, Electromobility and Hydrogen Economy Department, Ministry of Climate and Environment of Poland

Wojciech Lach 
Manager, Hydrogen Project Coordination, ORLEN

Żaneta Kłostowska
Director, Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies

Prof. Grzegorz Tchorek
Deputy Director for Economic Affairs, Institute of Power Engineering, National Research Institute (IPE-NRI)

Michał Smoleń
Head of Climate and Energy Program, Instrat

Alex Carr
Europe Policy Manager, Zero-Carbon Fuels, Clean Air Task Force

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