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Événements à venir


Funding Carbon Capture and Storage in Central and Eastern Europe: A Focus on Poland

This webinar will explore the funding gap for carbon capture and storage projects in Poland and discuss the need for increased efforts to build business models for projects that access EU funding and combine with national funding to get projects built in the country.

Leveraging the Potential of Central and Eastern Europe

This webinar explores how the CEE region can become an innovation catalyst for the continent’s energy transition.


2024 Superhot Rock Energy Summit

Join us before the Geothermal Rising Conference to attend a workshop on key topics related to superhot rock energy development.


Central and Eastern Europe in the World

This webinar will explore Central and Eastern Europe’s revitalized international partnerships in the face of major geopolitical shifts.


Poland: Keeping Tabs on the Region’s Industrial Powerhouse

This webinar will focus on Poland, the industrial powerhouse of the CEE region, and one of Europe’s most carbon-intensive economies.


Romania: An Options-Based Journey

This webinar will examine Romania’s energy transition journey, highlighting best practices that can be replicated across the region.


Driving Forward: Czechia’s Transportation Gambit

This webinar will explore how Czechia is pivoting to low-emission vehicles production and what lessons can be learned so far.

Innovative Bulgaria: Becoming the Clean Technology Hub of the Region

This webinar will focus on Bulgaria’s ambitions to become the innovation hub for clean technology in the region.

the baltics

The Role of Interconnectivity and Digitalization in the Baltic Energy Transition

This webinar will delve into the role of digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI) in the energy transition of the Baltic states.

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