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S. Ming Sung
CATF Expert

S. Ming Sung

Chief Advisor, Asia Pacific


S. Ming Sung advises CATF’s efforts to accelerate the deployment of low-carbon energy technologies helping CATF build partnerships between innovative companies in China and the West. The clean energy joint ventures that Ming has facilitated since 2008 include a range of key U.S. and Chinese companies and institutions, including Duke Energy, Future Fuels, China Huaneng Group, Thermal Power Research Institute, and ENN Group.

Ming’s experience in the energy and IT industries extends over four decades. His experience also includes working for a number of the world’s leading companies and institutions, including Shell (where he spent 25 years), AspenTech, XinAo Group (now dba ENN Group), BASF, Monsanto, and ERDA’s coal conversion program. His experience covers management, engineering, operations, and marketing in coal, oil, chemicals and related areas. Ming earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He did Ph.D. research in asphalt rheology at the University of Florida.