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quincy childs
CATF Expert

Quincy Childs

Policy Associate, Carbon Dioxide Removal


Quincy Childs joined CATF in April 2023 as a Policy Associate for Carbon Dioxide Removal in the Carbon Capture and Land and Climate programs. In this role, she supports policy development and advocacy promoting the development and deployment of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) and storage options in the United States and Europe.

Prior to joining CATF, Quincy was a Science and Technology Policy Fellow at the Department of Energy (DOE). She supported the DOE’s Carbon Management team on strategic engagement to advance research, development, deployment, and regulatory expertise both in the United States and abroad. Prior to the DOE, Quincy consulted various advocacy groups on equitable carbon management. She seeks to foreground community empowerment, just transitions, and environmental justice across all phases of CDR projects.

Quincy graduated from the University of Oxford in 2021 with a Master of Science degree in Environmental Governance, where she focused on climate policymaking, law, and economics. She conducted qualitative research on regulatory levers to scale Direct Air Capture with Storage through Mineralization.

Whilst completing her graduate studies, Quincy researched equitable climate pathways with Oxford Net Zero, consulted with think tanks on environmental justice, and served as an acquisition editor to scholarly journals, alongside maintaining other graduate research and leadership roles. Before this, Quincy was a Fellow at the MIT Knowledge Futures Group where she promoted media literacy and open science, in addition to supporting open access publishing at the MIT Press.