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Markus Rosenthal
CATF Expert

Markus Rosenthal

Head of Government Relations, Germany


Markus Rosenthal is Head of Government Relations in Germany. Previously he had the overall responsible for Government Relations at the Energy Storage Systems Association, covering both national and EU affairs. His main specialisations have been on hydrogen. He has been a member of a working group on battery standardisation in Germany and at the EU level. In addition, he has been co-ordinating the working group on investment and bankability solutions, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, energy performance solutions in the building sector and Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES).

Previously, he worked at the Economic Council Germany with particular focus on climate and industrial policies as well as raw materials. As a public affairs consultant he advised companies in the field of energy efficiency as well as the gas industry and the rail transport sector. Markus began his career working for the Urban Task Force in the UK and has then worked as policy adviser to the the Senator for Urban Development, Building, Transport and the Environment in Berlin. He holds a degree in Social Science and Transport Planning from the Humboldt University and the Technical University in Berlin. He specialised in European Studies at the London School of Economics & Political Science.