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Marcelo Botrel
CATF Expert

Marcelo Botrel

Nuclear Project Manager


Marcelo is CATF’s Nuclear Project Manager. He is responsible for project management activities within CATF’s Advanced Nuclear Energy Program to promote the development and deployment of advanced nuclear energy technologies in the United States and globally.

As Nuclear Project Manager, Marcelo utilizes his extensive professional experience and knowledge to manage, monitor, and execute projects and initiatives aligned with CATF’s advanced nuclear energy theory of change strategy. He also coordinates these activities with other CATF programs, CATF’s project management office, and staff, working collectively towards the transformation of the global nuclear energy industry in alignment with global decarbonization efforts.

With a diverse background and extensive experience, Marcelo brings valuable expertise in multiple sectors, including energy, sanitation, water supply, mining, urban planning, buildings, transportation, ports, and airports. He has worked on projects of national relevance in Brazil, demonstrating his comprehensive understanding of high complexity and strategic projects. Throughout the years, Marcelo has been employed by renowned consultancy companies, specializing in project planning, project management, environmental impact assessment, business modeling, data analysis, and the utilization of digital tools for effective project management.

One significant project that Marcelo contributed to was the environmental restoration program in Brumadinho, Brazil, following a major tailings dam failure in 2019. In this role, he led a multi-disciplinary team in the development of a social and environmental recovery program, involving collaboration with various stakeholders such as affected communities, social engagement groups, public prosecutors, regulators, and environmental agencies.

Before joining CATF, he served as a Project Manager Consultant for two nuclear power plants (NPPs) in Brazil. He was a Project Management Officer (PMO) for the NPPs structuring process, business modeling, and tariff calculation. Marcelo also handled stakeholder management, engaging with regulators, the government ministry’s credit agencies, and banks.

Marcelo holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, acquired through his studies at the Brazilian Federal University UFSJ and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago, IL.