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Kelsey Brokaw
CATF Expert

Kelsey Brokaw

Project Associate, Methane Pollution Prevention


Kelsey joined CATF’s Methane Pollution Prevention team in 2023 as a Project Associate focused on a range of programmatic priorities from coalition building to policy advocacy and strategic communications. Before joining CATF, Kelsey worked in the field of carbon offset project development where her efforts ranged from protocol discovery and interpretation to passing third party verification. Across North America, she has completed projects and certifications in renewable energy, industrial methane abatement, agriculture, land use, and residential building.

Kelsey holds an M.Sc. in Environment, Science, and Society from the University College London and a dual B.A. in Biology and Political Science from the University of Chicago. She draws on that passion for interdisciplinary collaboration and an aptitude for organization to coordinate and execute not just sustainable projects, but also environmental and pedagogical advocacy, programs, and events.