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Jessi Eidbo
CATF Expert

Jessi Eidbo

Land Smart Clean Energy Manager


Jessi Eidbo is the Land Smart Clean Energy Manager with CATF’s Land Systems Program where she focuses on accelerating clean energy deployment through smart land use policy, spatial analysis, and regional planning approaches that consider evolving environmental, economic, social, and cultural siting factors.

Jessi brings over seven years’ experience in environmental and land use planning, data analytics, community and stakeholder engagement, and geographic information systems (GIS). Her professional experience has provided space to investigate policy and regulatory mechanisms to accelerate renewable energy deployment, primarily through local governance and municipal climate action planning. This has notably included research to investigate competition between industrial-scale energy system development and other land uses, as well as to develop guidance on best practices for stakeholder and community engagement for energy technology deployment.

Jessi came to CATF from the climate consulting and research firm Carbon Solutions, where she led projects ranging from carbon capture and sequestration to alternative fuels and transportation electrification, to local community climate action and advancing environmental justice. She has also overseen numerous stakeholder engagement and facilitation processes on many topics related to energy and climate. Prior to that, Jessi worked as a Senior Climate Change Data Analyst for a county government in Minnesota, and prior to that as a Senior Research Analyst with a U.S.-based nonprofit organization, the Great Plains Institute.

Jessi is an AICP-certified planning professional through the American Planning Association (APA), and volunteers as the Secretary-Treasurer for the APA’s Sustainable Communities Division. Jessi holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Planning with a minor in Mandarin Chinese, as well as a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning with a minor in GIS from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

Jessi is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Outside of work, you can find Jessi practicing her serves on the local tennis courts, or out walking her dog, Oslo.