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Ian Champ
CATF Expert

Ian Champ

Regional Hubs Manager, Midwest


Ian Champ is the Midwest Hubs Manager. In that capacity, he leads CATF’s work in the U.S.’s Midwest region to facilitate community, state, and regional level communication and education efforts, public policy, and technology and business innovation focused on carbon capture, hydrogen, and ammonia production for hard to decarbonize end-uses as part of the wider Zero-Carbon Fuels and Carbon Capture teams. The goals of catalyzing low-emission hydrogen production and its end-use as well as expansion of carbon capture technologies throughout the region guide this work. He joined CATF in 2022 and focuses on advancing the organization’s efforts on hydrogen and ammonia production and use, as well as carbon capture, and decarbonized transportation.

Before joining CATF, Ian worked as a consultant at AECOM on program administration, community engagement, and decarbonization planning with a variety of public, private, and utility clients. His prior professional background is in energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce client emissions portfolios as well as soliciting and incorporating community feedback for client program development and implementation plans.  Ian holds Master degrees in Environmental Science and Public Affairs from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and a B.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Science from Purdue University.