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Brett Rampal

Nuclear Team Manager
Brett Rampal

Brett Rampal is the Nuclear Innovation Lead for the Clean Air Task Force and is a Nuclear Engineer and Energy Industry Expert living in Charlotte, NC. Born and raised in South Florida, Brett attended the University of Florida, where he obtained his BS and MS in Nuclear Engineering, in 2007 and 2009, respectively. While pursuing his MS, Brett worked for General Electric – Hitachi on the ESBWR and on improved predictive methods for the operating Boiling Water Reactor fleet. After graduation, Brett spent five years working for the Westinghouse Electric Company, serving in numerous roles, but most focused in his roles as engineering project manager and lead core designer for the Millstone 3, North Anna, and Surry Nuclear Generating Stations. Brett left Westinghouse in 2013 and joined NuScale Power, LLC, as a nuclear fuel engineer, supporting the first of a kind design and associated licensing submittal. Additionally, Brett serves in various volunteer leadership roles for the American Nuclear Society (ANS) and University of Florida (UF), for which he has been previously recognized with a 2012 ANS Presidential Citation and as 2014-2015 UF Leader of the Year.

Published Work: