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Andrew Maxwell
CATF Expert

Andrew Maxwell

Senior Nuclear Expert


Andrew is CATF’s Senior Nuclear Expert in the Advanced Nuclear Energy Program. In this role, Andrew leverages his extensive global nuclear energy professional career to drive forward CATF’s nuclear energy theory of change strategy and provide technical expertise on nuclear technology to CATF. 

Andrew has had a strong professional career in the nuclear energy industry and has held a broad range of senior roles on multi-million dollar programs over 40 years in technical, business, strategy development, and management consultant positions in Cavendish, Jacobs, Wood, Amec, E.ON, and British Energy (EDF) across Europe and around the world. 

Key roles included leading new business development for new nuclear reactors in the U.K., technical consulting on advanced and small modular reactors, operational facilities, safety case management, site licensing, management systems, organizational design, nuclear fuel cycle, waste management, and decommissioning. 

The breadth of roles enables Andrew to be an innovative and intuitive, seeing programs and projects from a different and strategic perspective. His natural strength is the ability to build teams to deliver projects and programs by communicating and developing relationships internally and with clients, consultants, NGOs, government departments, partners, and regulators. 

Starting the University of Glasgow at 16, he attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, with Nuclear Engineering. His passion is classic cars and golf, loves to travel, and is based just outside Edinburgh, Scotland.