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Tamara Lagurashvili

Director, Central and Eastern Europe

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Tamara directs CATF’s work in Central and Eastern Europe. Previously she worked at the environmental think-tank Agora Energiewende as an Operations Manager, where she supported senior management with various organizational development-related matters. Prior to her time at Agora, Tamara worked at Europe Foundation – a leading non-governmental organization in Georgia, where she supported capacity-building initiatives of grassroots organizations. In this role, she primarily focused on fostering participatory budgeting through advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns with local government officials and civil society organizations.

Tamara comenzó su carrera como profesora invitada en la Universidad del Cáucaso, en Georgia, donde enseñó Análisis Político.

Tamara es licenciada en Ciencias Sociales por la Universidad de Tartu y en Filología Inglesa por la Universidad del Cáucaso.