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Bridging the Gaps

A Survey of Methods, Challenges, and Pathways Forward for Superhot Rock Energy

Clean Air Task Force commissioned a collection of five flagship reports, pulling from independent leading experts internationally, to serve as a comprehensive gap analysis across key technology verticals essential for the success of end-to-end superhot rock energy projects at a commercial scale. Each report dives into a distinct aspect of the technology: drilling, heat extraction, well construction and design, and power production.  

The primary goal is to evaluate the state of the art, pinpoint remaining technological gaps, and identify where future research, development, and testing efforts should be concentrated. By doing so, these reports aim to ensure that no critical areas are neglected and to define a clear path forward for each segment of the technology. 

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A Survey of Methods, Challenges, and Pathways Forward for Superhot Rock Well Design and Construction

This study aims to assess the optimal well design and materials and use that assessment to identify the technology gaps that must be tackled for superhot rock energy to complete a successful, replicable, end-to-end superhot rock energy project. The study will cover the current state of the art of well design, challenges and technical gaps of well design that are being currently resolved, superhot rock well design modeling, longer-term issues of superhot rock well design and well integrity related to superhot rock drilling operations, and planned superhot rock project developments globally. The assessment of technologies will include system components, technologies, and a list of what is needed to achieve commercial viability. 

A Survey of Methods, Challenges, and Pathways Forward for Superhot Rock Siting and Characterization

This report focuses on the application of geophysical methods to identify, evaluate, and monitor potential sites for superhot rock geothermal resource exploitation. It will outline the capabilities, limitations, and uncertainties of these methods in assessing key subsurface features such as heat flow, lithology, stress states, and potential permeable structures like fractures or faults. The report will follow the chronological use of these techniques from initial exploration through the full development and operational phases, highlighting how resolution improves from regional assessments to detailed local surveys that reduce drilling risks. The report will incorporate case studies, interviews with experts, and a review of both published and unpublished data, culminating in a summary of technological gaps, readiness levels, and recommendations for future superhot rock energy projects.

Bridging the Gaps Resources

Superhot Rock Technology Gaps

This poster outlines the essential technological advancements needed to achieve a first-of-a-kind superhot rock energy (SHR) project and to derisk the technology. It consolidates findings from five technology gap reports — heat extraction, well design and construction, drilling, surface equipment, and site selection — authored in collaboration by leading experts.

Bridging the Gaps Workshop Presentation

View the presentation from the May 28, 2024 Bridging the Gaps Workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland. Hosted by Clean Air Task Force and GEORG, the workshop explored the findings and technical gaps uncovered in the five flagship reports focused on the capabilities necessary to create power and industrial heat from superhot (>400C) rock formations around the world.

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