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Geologic CO₂ Storage

Find on this page materials on the science of geologic CO₂ storage, facts about why developing geologic storage resources is essential to meeting net-zero CO₂ goals as well as updates on relevant U.S. policy developments.

Want to know what the U.S. must do address the CO₂ challenge while leveraging the vast geologic storage resources in the country? Watch this 2-minute video now!

U.S., Europe, and MENA CCS Project Maps

CATF has built an interactive map that tracks early stage U.S., Europe, and MENA based carbon capture projects that have been publicly announced. Click on each colored circle on the map to learn each project’s location, sector, type of CO₂ storage (EOR or saline), storage capacity and current status. The map also shows the vast expanse of potential geologic saline storage formations around the country.

U.S. CCS interactive map


Legislation and policies in progress

Scale Act Fact Sheet

Learn about the role of CO₂ infrastructure in delivering net-zero emissions by 2050 and the SCALE Act’s key provisions to kick-start investment in CO₂ transport and storage infrastructure.

View the fact sheet

Scale Act Jobs Report

Jobs impact study of the Scale Act by Industrial Economics, Incorporated published in February 2021.

View the report

U.S. CO₂ Storage and Transport – The Role of the SCALE Act

The Storing CO₂ and Lowering Emissions (SCALE) Act includes key policy pillars designed to overcome the barriers and drive CO₂ infrastructure deployment in the U.S.

Learn more here

Decarb America – CO₂ pipeline build out map

Decarb America Research Initiative’s map showing buildout of CO₂ pipelines compatible with reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

Learn more here

Have Questions?

To request materials or updates relating to geologic CO₂ storage, contact Lee Beck, CCUS Policy Innovation Director.