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Current Job Opening

Senior Methane Policy Manager or Specialist, Super Pollutants (DOQ)

June 15, 2021

POSITION: Senior Methane Policy Manager or Specialist, Super Pollutants (DOQ)

REPORTS DIRECTLY TO: Program Director, Super Pollutants Program

Location: Flexible within the United States


Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is a non-profit global organization dedicated to the near-elimination of climate pollution from Earth’s energy, agricultural, waste and forest management systems.

CATF is highly respected for its deep expertise and research on energy and industrial systems and potential strategies, technologies, and policies that can radically shrink their impact on the planet’s atmosphere. Our team of 40+ experts and advocates (and global network of subject matter experts and civil society partners) put this research and knowledge into action by designing and enacting public policies that drive toward zero emissions. We also support policies and work directly with private industry to innovate in technology to make the path to zero emissions swift and affordable.

CATF is based in the United States and headquartered in Boston, with operations in Brussels and global work through partners in a number of continents and a number of international organizations.  CATF’s super pollutants initiatives aim to reduce pollutants, such as methane and black carbon that will have the greatest impact on warming the planet over the near term and offer the most promising targets for immediate cleanup.  Taken together, efforts to reduce super pollutants globally could prevent more than half a degree C of warming, while also delivering numerous additional public health and ecological benefits.

A key focus of CATF’s super pollutants team is addressing emissions from the oil and gas industry, which releases millions of tons of methane pollution into the air each year. Working in collaboration with other groups, CATF plays a unique role,  using our extensive technical knowledge and analytic capabilities to advocate for the most effective policies to reduce methane pollution from this industry.  We advocate directly with regulators and as participants in multi-stakeholder groups, while collaborating with partner groups to effectively encourage decision-makers to move policies forward.

The Senior Methane Policy Manager or Specialist will synthesize our knowledge of technical solutions and regulatory precedents from around the world, together with the latest science, to advocate and negotiate for ambitious, technically sound regulations and other concrete policies to reduce emissions as much as possible and establish more ambitious precedents.  This work will be carried out at the State/Provincial and Federal levels, primarily in the US and Canada.

The Senior Methane Policy Manager or Specialist provide engineering/scientific expertise–and coordinate with the CATF super pollutant program team (scientists, analysts, advocates, and lawyers), consultants, and external collaborators–to design proposals for strong policies, and to create and implement strategies to advocate for adoption of these policies. The Manager will also represent CATF in a variety of venues including public hearings, conferences, stakeholder meetings, and media events.


Perform Direct Decision-maker Advocacy:

  • Advocate for ambitious regulations to reduce emissions of super pollutants in a variety of different policy venues.
  • Meet regularly and follow up with staff from key agencies to present technical information, policy-relevant research and reports, and to advocate for and report back to CATF on the status of policies to reduce emissions of methane and other super pollutants.
  • Identify opportunities to answer policy-relevant questions through research and analysis.
  • Draft and present regulatory comments and testimony.

Represent CATF in meetings and public venues:

  • Provide expert testimony at public hearings and present on behalf of CATF at conferences and meetings, as needed.
  • Communicate with members of the media on policy matters, in coordination with the Communications Director. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, physical science, or life science.
  • Strong negotiation skills and experience in environmental / EHS advocacy.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Technical familiarity with one or more of the following subjects:
    • Oil and gas industry processes, emissions, or regulation;
    • Processes, emissions, or regulations applying to another industrial sector with significant greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Self-starter who enjoys taking initiative and helping others.
  • Consistent follow-through, and a commitment to high-quality work.
  • Avid networker skilled at building trust with a wide range of people.
  • Successful lobbying/advocacy experience.
  • Strong computer skills, including comfort with the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Excellent written and oral communications and interpersonal skills.
  • Valid passport and ability to travel up to 25 percent of the time are essential.
  • Passion for CATF’s mission.


This is a full-time, funding-dependent position. CATF offers an excellent benefits package and a competitive salary that is commensurate with experience.  The location for this position is flexible within the United States. CATF provides equal employment opportunities.


Please email a resume, referencing the position title, and cover letter including contact information for two to three professional and/or academic references to