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Job Opening

Nuclear Energy Policy Manager, U.S.

POSITION: Nuclear Energy Policy Manager, U.S.

REPORTS TO: Director, Global Nuclear Energy Strategy

LOCATION: Washington, DC

ABOUT CATF: Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is a nonprofit organization working to safeguard against the worst impacts of climate change by catalyzing the rapid global development and deployment of low-carbon energy and other climate-protecting technologies. This is accomplished through research and analysis, public advocacy leadership, and partnership with the private sector.

CATF is highly respected for its deep expertise and research on energy and industrial systems and potential strategies, technologies, and policies that can radically shrink their impact on the planet’s atmosphere. Our team of 60+ experts and advocates (and global network of subject matter experts and civil society partners) put this research and knowledge into action by designing and enacting public policies that drive toward zero emissions. We also support policies and work directly with private industry to innovate in technology to make the path to zero emissions swift and affordable. CATF is headquartered in Boston, with offices in Washington, and staff working virtually elsewhere around the U.S. and abroad.

ROLE: The role of the Nuclear Energy Policy Manager is to leverage the CATF’s nuclear energy Theory of Change (ToC) strategy and develop and implement policies and advocacy recommendations that promote the development and deployment of advanced nuclear energy technologies in the United States and globally. The nuclear energy ToC Strategy focuses on transforming the global nuclear energy industry in order to position it for wide scale deployment at a pace that is relevant to global decarbonization, by identifying the various barriers and challenges the nuclear energy sector is facing today. Policy education and advocacy will be primarily conducted at the U.S. federal and state levels, but also internationally. Substantive policy work includes monitoring and evaluating existing policies and policy concepts as well as developing new policies and advocacy actions with the support and guidance of the Nuclear Program staff. This work will be undertaken in collaboration with multiple teams within CATF. It will also include collaboration with allied NGO, business, expert, and government-based stakeholders.


Policymaker education and advocacy: Develop and execute strategies relating to education about relevant policy concepts and advocacy to achieve policy outcomes. This will include direct communications with public officials (including Congress and relevant agencies), as well as leveraging networks of relevant stakeholders from civil society/NGOs, regulatory authorities, the commercial sector, and experts. Policy areas include, but are not limited to, federal RD&D programs and funding, infrastructure policy, tax policies, nuclear energy regulations, policies where nuclear energy is associated with emissions standards, and regulatory policies. Exploring synergies between US and international policy opportunities will also be a potential focus in the position.

Development and assessment of policy: Work with the Nuclear Energy Program, the Federal Policy team, and other relevant teams to develop nuclear energy policies that are effective and appropriate for the relevant governmental jurisdiction to drive forward the efforts laid out by the CATF’s nuclear energy ToC Strategy. Assess the policy and political efficacy of existing or new policy recommendations developed externally to CATF.

Analysis in support of policy development and advocacy: Directly undertake, support, or oversee analytic work related to policy assessment and advocacy. Areas can include policy analysis, economic modeling, and assessment of technology status and deployment.

External Communications: With the support and guidance of the CATF Communications teams and CATF Staff, represent CATF as needed with news media and in public forums such hearings, meetings, conferences, and workshops. Develop blogs, reports, white papers, and other forms of content. Assist in the development of key messages and talking points on related nuclear energy topics.

Subject Matter Expert: Possesses deep familiarity with technical, economic, market, and policy issues related to advanced nuclear energy technologies for decarbonization.

Collaboration: Work in collaboration with and provide support to Nuclear  energy team members and other CATF teams as needed.

Operational support: Provide support to fundraising efforts, including grant writing and funder communications. Work with Nuclear energy team in developing annual budget.


• Demonstrated experience and knowledge with the commercial nuclear energy industry

• Proven experience in policy design

• Successful lobbying/advocacy experience

• Thorough knowledge of federal energy and climate policy

• BSc/BA is required; MSc/MA or other advanced degree is preferred

• Strong negotiation skills and experience in environmental / EHS advocacy

• Excellent organizational skills

• Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills

• Outstanding analytical and problem-solving abilities

• Self-starter who enjoys taking initiative and helping others through teamwork

• Consistent follow-through, and a commitment to high-quality work

• Avid networker skilled at building trust with a wide range of people

• Passion for CATF’s mission

Application Process and Timing:

Please follow this link to submit a resume and a brief cover letter that describes your interest and experience. We will review applications on a rolling basis. Please be prepared to provide references upon request.

CATF is an equal opportunity employer