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Current Job Opening

Hydrogen Policy Director, Europe-MENA

September 25, 2020

About CATF: Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is a non-profit global organization focused on driving the change in technologies and policies needed to get to a net zero carbon-emissions, high-energy planet at an affordable cost. CATF is highly respected for its deep expertise and research on energy and industrial systems and potential strategies, technologies, and policies that can radically shrink those systems’ impact on the planet’s atmosphere. Our team of experts and advocates (and global network of subject matter experts and civil society partners) put this research and knowledge into action by designing and enacting public policies that drive toward zero emissions. We also support policies and work directly with private industry to innovate in technology to make the path to zero emissions swift and affordable.

CATF is based in the United States and headquartered in Boston. CATF also operates globally through work with partners in Europe, Asia, Canada, Latin America, and in multilateral international forums ranging from the International Maritime Organization to the International Energy Agency to the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to the ResponsibleSteel Coalition. CATF is currently expanding its presence in Europe and seeks to strengthen its advocacy efforts through this hire. Current areas of focus include advancing zero carbon fuels (ZCF) such as hydrogen and ammonia, and pushing for public policies to rein in methane pollution from the oil and gas sector both in the EU and from oil and gas imported to the EU Additional potential areas could include carbon capture and storage and advanced geothermal energy. Learn more about our efforts here:

About the Position:

Location: Any EU-27; eurozone preferred


As CATF’s lead for zero-carbon fuels in Europe, the Europe-MENA Hydrogen Policy Director will work for the development and deployment of zero carbon hydrogen and ammonia fuels in Europe. Efforts will focus on leveraging policy and commercial opportunities to move the technology forward. The EU Director will work as a strategic thought partner with Advanced Energy Technology Director, who leads CATF’s organization-wide zero carbon fuels effort. The  EU Director will also work closely with CATF European government affairs and communications staff, other project leaders and issue experts based in Europe and the United States, and European partner organizations to help develop and execute public policy strategies in support of CATF’s program goals and objectives in the region.

Primary duties and responsibilities of this position:

  • Develop and continually refine an EU-focused strategy to maximize long-term decarbonization potential in Europe and neighboring regions through use of ZCF, in consultation with CATF headquarters leadership
  • Engage with EC and EU Member State government staff to build support for CATF’s ZCF policy agenda for Europe, which may include “technology push” policies, “market pull” policies, specific regulatory interventions for infrastructure, trade and emissions policy related to fuels and carbon, etc.
  • Collaborate with other eNGOs, industry, and other stakeholders in both policy agenda development, EU and EU Member State engagement, and external communications
  • Communicate with external audiences in support of the ZCF policy agenda, including media appearances and statements, public speaking and presentations in stakeholder forums, and targeted written communications
  • Support CATF government affairs and communications team work on proactive announcements and reactive statements, writing and/or editing comment letters, fact sheets, and other material for advocacy meetings, and providing input on press statements, press releases, blogs and other written material for distribution to news media and/or posting on CATF website.

Skills/Experience/Education necessary for the position

  • Bachelor’s degree along with at least five years of successful professional experience in government, industry, and/or civil society organizations, including at least one year with management responsibility.
  • Background in natural gas, liquid fuels, chemical products, and/or electricity markets and policy, preferably in the EU.
  • English proficiency, other European language skills a plus.
  • Agile and flexible self-starter able to work on multiple competing deadlines and extending outside of usual work hours to accommodate team members in different time zones.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Strong writing and editing skills.
  • Highly organized self-starter, entrepreneurial spirit essential.