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Job Opening

Director, Global Land Use and Climate Change Program

About the Position:
Earth’s land resource is limited, so we need to be efficient in its use for climate management. There are many proposed uses of Earth’s land for climate benefit. These include forest protection; soil sequestration; wind and solar energy siting; geothermal energy; energy cropping for bioenergy; bioenergy with carbon capture; active forest management to supply wood products to displace higher energy commodities; mineral extraction for advanced energy technology; and afforestation. These uses are largely initiated and governed without regard to a full assessment of climate impact and potential alternative climate-beneficial uses. But land, especially biologically productive land, is a finite resource. We need to make the most of it.

The Clean Air Task Force’s (CATF) new Global Land Use and Climate Change Program will first design and undertake research and dialogue to assess the net impact of various land-consuming climate technologies, practices, and policies on climate change at different time-steps, as well as tradeoffs among land uses. Based on these assessments, CATF will develop and advocate for policies that maximize the climate change mitigation use of land, while taking account of other important economic, environmental, social, and cultural considerations.

This Program is at its inception, although it builds on substantial previous work at CATF focusing on bioenergy. The new Director will have the leading role in developing and shaping this novel expanded initiative.

The Director will hone the program’s objectives and strategies; build and lead a capable team of staff and consultant experts and advocates; engage key stakeholders; serve as a thought-leader on bioenergy and land use change issues in business and policy forums in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere; and raise money to grow and sustain the program. The Director will work closely with CATF’s leadership team and specialists in technology, policy, law, and communications.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Strategy development: Lead processes to develop and communicate CATF’s near- and long-term strategies for ensuring that climate management efforts use Earth’s land resources efficiently. Identify critical-path actions to drive to system change.
  • Team and capacity building: Hire, cultivate, and inspire a talented and cohesive team of staff and consultants to execute CATF strategy. Expand and deepen CATF capacity in bioenergy, natural climate solutions, energy system-related land use, and other relevant topics.
  • Partnership development: Connect, cultivate, and enhance constructive relationships with leaders from civil society, the private sector, academia, and government.
  • Policy engagement: Ensure that policies that regulate bioenergy include provisions that accurately assess and address bioenergy’s climate impact and, where such provisions already exist, to ensure they are enforced. Track existing and proposed climate policies in key national and sub-national jurisdictions, analyze the impact of such policies on land use change, design and build support for measures that push such policies toward efficient use of land resources.
  • Strategic communications: Present CATF’s views on bioenergy and land use change in various contexts, including media, conferences, government hearings, and private sector briefings.
  • Budget management: Allocate and track financial resources and determine future resource needs.
  • Fundraising: Identify potential funding sources, develop funding proposals, secure resources to grow and sustain the Global Land Use and Climate Change Program.

Application Process and Timing:
Please send a resume, with a brief cover letter that describes your interest and experience, to We will review applications on a rolling basis. Please be prepared to provide references upon request.

CATF is an equal opportunity employer.