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Carbon Capture Technology Director, Europe

March 17, 2021

POSITION: Carbon Capture Technology Director, Europe  

Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is a non-profit global organization focused on driving the change in technologies and policies needed to get to a net-zero carbon-emissions, high-energy planet at an affordable cost. CATF is highly respected for its deep expertise and research on energy and industrial systems and potential strategies, technologies, and policies that can radically shrink those systems’ impact on the planet’s atmosphere. Our team of experts and advocates (and a global network of subject matter experts and civil society partners) put this research and knowledge into action by designing and enacting public policies that drive toward zero emissions. We also support policies and work directly with private industry to innovate in technology to make the path to zero emissions swift and affordable.  

CATF is chartered in the US and Netherlands. CATF also operates globally through work with partners in Europe, Asia, Canada, Latin America, and in multilateral international forums. CATF is currently expanding its presence in Europe and seeks to strengthen its advocacy and analytical efforts through this hire. Current areas of focus include advancing zero-carbon fuels (ZCF, particularly hydrogen and ammonia), at scale deployment of carbon capture, removal, and storage and pushing for public policies to rein in methane pollution from the oil and gas sector both in the EU and from oil and gas imported to the EU. 

CATF is one of the leading nonprofit organizations working on carbon capture, removal, and storage policies. Among the successes of its work are the US 45Q tax credit, as well as the US Energy Act of 2020. Advocating for environmentally responsible deployment of carbon capture, removal, and storage, CATF has decided to expand its engagement on the topic in Europe to accelerate industrial decarbonization and the formation of an innovation landscape.  

Learn more about our efforts here: 

LOCATION: Any EU-27;  


The Carbon Capture Technology and Markets Director, EU will serve as CATF’s lead technology and markets expert for carbon capture, removal, and storage in the EU and work to expand the role of carbon capture, removal, and storage in decarbonizing emissions-intensive sectors as well reducing atmospheric concentration of CO2The Director will work with CATF’s carbon capture team to further CATF’s policy, communications and advocacy objectives to commercialize these technologies via a supportive policy framework and active support for project development. As part of this role, the Director will work to expand CATF’s private-sector network and to draw new actors from other sectors such as technology and aviation into the industry through dedicated engagement and education. The Director will develop policy and business cases in the EU and member states, reflecting the evolving technical and commercial realities of carbon capture, removal, and storage and including the bridge from demonstration to at-scale deployment in Europe. The Director will also develop, communicate and socialize a viable deployment strategy for carbon capture, removal, and storage value chains and hubs in Europe, including CO2 networks.  Areas of particular focus include CO2 infrastructure, including CO2 transport and storage, understanding current and future project’s needs, and the development of a commercial ecosystem that can drive large-scale deployment.   

The Carbon Capture Technology Director will report to the CCUS Policy Innovation Director (Co-Program Director and Project Lead). This position will also work closely with CATF European government affairs and communications staff, the Carbon Capture Policy Director, and other project leaders and issue experts based in Europe and the United States, and European partner organizations to help develop and execute public policy strategies in support of CATF’s program goals and objectives in the region. 

 Primary duties and responsibilities of this position:  

  • Serve as CATF’s expert on carbon capture, removal, and storage technology, projects, and market in EuropeThis includes: 
    • Identifying the technical and policy-driven market pathways needed for deployment of carbon capture, removal and storage in Europe. 
    • Tracking and assessing the effectiveness of key public and private efforts to deploy carbon capture, removal, and storage in Europe 
    • Identifying key knowledge and research gaps with regards to CO2 storage and transport 
    • Developing and maintaining a close network of experts and commercial industry players in the carbon capture, removal, and storage value chain  
  • Serves as principal CATF resource on geologic carbon storage in the EU working with CATF staff, eNGOs, industry, technical consultants, and governments to develop and implement strategies for the development of high-value storage resources for industrial clusters and capture projects across the EU.   
    • Builds and maintains a knowledge base on U.S. storage project development and related policy that could serve to inform carbon capture, removal, and storage advancements in the EU; occasionally supports U.S. storage initiatives.  
  • Engage with the Carbon Capture Policy Director and the rest of the team, as well as government affairs and communications staff to build support for CATF’s carbon capture, removal, and storage policy agenda for Europe. Support and engagement with this team includes: 
    • Helping develop, implement and continuously refine CATF’s EU carbon capture, removal, and storage strategy, in collaboration with the carbon capture team  
    • Understanding project and private-sector policy needs, developing and designing carbon capture, removal, and storage policy options in Europe 
    • Serving as expert internal support and reviewer on regulatory and policy submissions 
    • Translating technical and market needs into analyses and reports 
    • Providing support for advocacy efforts, including helping to amplify non-O&G private sector voices in the carbon capture, removal, and storage conversation in Europe 
    • Ensure key communication of EU lessons to the rest of the global team, including as relevant to other regions such as the US and China  
  • Lead the development of commercial engagement strategies that will accelerate carbon capture, removal, and storage deployment in Europe. 
  • Develop analyses, reports, whitepapers, blogs, and other written content that is needed for CATF’s carbon capture, removal, and storage strategy in Europe, including supporting the creation of social media content 
  • Act as a spokesperson with external audiences including media appearances and statements, public speaking, and presentations in stakeholder forums. 
  • Manage and oversee work by consultants. 

Skills/Experience/Education necessary for the position

  • Advanced degree, Masters or higher, in engineering or sciencealong with relevant successful professional experience in government, industry, and/or civil society organizations, including management responsibility and industry experience. 
  • Background in carbon capture, removal, and storage either in the commercial or research area, preferably in the EU, globally a plus  
  • Mission-driven and dedicated towards CATF’s broader mission of advancing climate solutions  
  • Capable of working and collaborating in a virtual office environment; willingness to travel extensively. 
  • Entrepreneurial and self-starting/self-management approach to work requiring minimal supervision 
  • English proficiency, other European language skills a plus. 

Application Process and Timing:

Please send resume and cover letter to We will review applications on a rolling basis. Be prepared to provide references upon request.

CATF provides equal employment opportunities.