Clean Air Task Force

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Land Use, Bioenergy and Forestry

Forests, farmland, grasslands, and even urban vegetation can be managed in ways that will significantly reduce global warming. But because there is such a wide range of competing demands for land and for the biomass grown on it, efforts to accentuate the climate benefits provided by landscapes need to be carefully designed. Even well-intentioned land use measures have an unfortunate history of worsening climate change.

The Clean Air Task Force is identifying and promoting measures that maximize the climate benefits that result from thoughtful land use practices — from better forestry management to smarter use of biomass-based energy. In particular, CATF works to:

  • Ensure that policies which promote biofuels provide actual climate benefits.
  • Develop forest management practices that optimize the climate benefits that forests can provide, including the use of forest biomass for energy production.

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